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LiRoyalWhat is the difference between "Dark" and "Gold" oils?

In the LiRoyal store, the consumer can choose not only the concentration that is appropriate for him, but also CBD and CBG "Gold" and "Dark" oils. At first glance, the main difference between them is the appearance and taste - thanks to greater purification and processing, "Gold" oil is more affordable, without ballast and heavy aftertaste. Physical distillation deprives the product of its acidic CBD compounds while maintaining its health benefits. It is an excellent choice, for example, for allergy sufferers, allergic to certain plant compounds.

Dark oil, on the other hand, is an extract that comes straight from the machine, after the first form of processing - without physical distillation. Some describe its taste as "controversial" or "pungent". It is the most raw oil, containing terpenes, flavonoids and acidic CBD, which makes it more pro-health, closer to the synergy effect.