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January Ciszewski will invest in LiRoyal
LiRoyal brand is going from strength to strength even before the official launch of the share sale! One of the most important entrepreneurs in Poland, January Ciszewski, has just joined the group of our investors.

- Winning such an important investor is a huge step forward for us. This is a confirmation that LiRoyal is an important player on the Polish market and soon also abroad. Our goal is to set the highest standards and be a model for other manufacturers - says Piotr Liroy-Marzec, co-founder and CEO of LiRoyal S.A.

January Ciszewski is known for investing in modern entities with a large potential. LiRoyal, by establishing cooperation with such an important partner, gains great development opportunities and even greater chances for success.

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In a moment we are entering the Polish and European cannabis market with great power! We are only a few days away from the start of selling premium LiRoyal products, and it is getting louder about us ...;)

As you know, Liroy has been working for years to not only legalize but also promote cannabis in terms of health. He gathered around him specialists from various fields who - by joining forces - decided to create the highest-class cannabis products.

Today you can become part of the LiRoyal brand - join us by investing in our development! Do not wait, take the opportunity at: https://emisja.liroyal.pl/!
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Cannabigerol, although a less popular cannabinoid, is not inferior to the well-known cannabidiol. Cannabis oils containing different concentrations of CBG affect humans as effectively as CBD products. They are therefore an excellent alternative to, for example CBD oil DARK (They have the full spectrum of cannabis substances, affecting the oil's bitterness and smell, but also a broader spectrum of effects).

CBG oils are used to relieve various types of pain, migraines, relaxation, but also the need to stimulate the body. They are an excellent support for the body during the spring solstice, when we need energy for action and active recreation. It helps regenerate the body and mind, regulates appetite and stimulates the nervous system - and these are just some of its properties!

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