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Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing


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Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing
Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing


Due to the lack of psychoactive substances, cannabidol is a completely legal substance, as long as the THC content in the ingested product does not exceed 0.2%.

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For the production of LiRoyal hemp products, we use the best varieties of Cannabis sativa L.
Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing

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LiRoyal hemp brand

Liroyal S.A. is a brand created with passion. Together with the best experts in the hemp industry, we have used knowledge, time and money to create a company with one goal, to provide customers with the highest quality hemp products. We pay special attention to supporting and promoting a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle based on hemp products. Thanks to its experience, together with LiRoyal S.A's staff of experts, we are constantly expanding the range of premium hemp products. In our hemp store you will find food products: CBD oils, dried hemp, crushed hemp flowers, hemp oil, hemp fiber, roasted grains, as well as hemp clothing. We have a wide assortment, so everyone can find the right hemp products for themselves. We are growing globally, expanding horizons beyond our borders. We are a brand that focuses on growth and does not rest on our laurels, we want to expand our assortment with more hemp news, so sign up for our newsletter today to stay up to date!
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The magic of Liroyal hemp products

The LiRoyal SA online store is a brand that was created to produce the best quality hemp products. We want to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and match their tastes. If you are looking for such products, you've come to the right place! In our hemp shop you will find a wide selection of hemp products, ranging from CBD oils, hemp clothes and hemp foodstuffs to shredded hemp flowers. Order, check, test! A wide range of products gives you the feeling that you will definitely choose a perfectly matched hemp product. When you buy our products, you have full guarantees of the quality of LiRoyal's products. Our products are also great for a successful gift. Thanks to the hemp properties of our products, it is an ideal supplement for your daily diet. Hemp products are not only valuable vitamins such as E, B1, B2, k, but also an increase in concentration and faster regeneration of the body. Thanks to the choice of concentration and the form of application, you decide which one will best suit your needs.

Surprise your body and buy hemp garments today. Clothes sewn by hand in Poland especially for you! Thanks to the hemp material, you will feel relief on hot days. Airy clothing is perfect not only for warm days but also for evening meetings with friends. In our collection you will find clothes for men and women.

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Highest quality. Discover hemp with the Liroyal Hemp Shop.

We are constantly developing the hemp brand by expanding the portfolio of offered products. Just during the year, we expanded the range with food products and hemp clothing, so it can be concluded, citing the nomenclature of the hemp industry, that LiRoyal ™ is a full spectrum of hemp products. Poland stands out as a key player in the European cannabis markets.

Our country is an emerging cannabis market in the EU and one of the largest CBD markets in the continent.

Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing
Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing


In this blog, you will learn the basics of our CBD oils. You will learn about the proper and safe use of our oils so as not to cause health problems for yourself. Additionally, you will learn about the content of our oils and how they are combined.
Properties of CBD oil
Thanks to this article you will know much more about our hemp droughts and you will certainly find something for yourself in a much easier way thanks to this knowledge and you will surely be satisfied with the purchase.. Below you will find out which drought to choose and how to handle it to get the most pleasure out of it
properties of dried CBD
A new wave of research indicates that cannabinoids have an adaptive, immunomodulatory effect. Cannabis sativa has been consumed for health and nutritional purposes for thousands of years. Many ancient civilizations - from the Chinese to the Greeks - have included cannabis in their pharmacopoeia. Back then, no one questioned how or why cannabis relieves pain and calms the spirits. He was a helpful ally - that was all that mattered.
Can CBD products help in the fight against COVID-19 ?

Choose LiRoyal!

Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing
Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is becoming an increasingly popular substance in Poland and around the world. Unlike another cannabinoid, THC - tetrahydrocannabinol - most often equated with marijuana, it has no psychoactive properties and is completely legal.

Cannabidiol is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa L. hemp seed, rich in many organic health-promoting compounds. Scientists have shown that taking CBD reduces the activity of the nervous system and regulates other processes in the human body.

Today, CBD is used to produce dietary supplements such as oils and droughts, as well as hemp cosmetics and food. It is more and more widely used in medicine, psychology, but also in relaxation and supporting physical activity.

Cannabidiol supplementation

According to the WHO World Health Organization, supplementing the daily diet with CBD cannabidiol is safe and helps maintain the proper functioning of the body's physiological systems.

Already 5% drought or oil supports the digestive or metabolic system, helps in the fight against insomnia, improves the quality of sleep and supports the regeneration of the body. CBD relieves pain and increases your pain threshold as well as your susceptibility to injuries. It adds energy, supports concentration, treats addictions, and also has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties.

It has been shown to support the treatment of cancer, drug-resistant epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, schizophrenia, as well as ADHD in children and adults - of course under close medical supervision.

The best source of CBD on the market today are full spectrum hemp oils. CBD is also available in the form of dried seeds or capsules.
Hemp store CBD, CBG and CBN. Hemp oils, dries, clothing

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