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LiRoyal - FAQ

The selection of dried and oil depends on many factors: preferences, health condition or what CBD is supposed to be used for. You should ask yourself whether you want to use it prophylactically, in order to improve your well-being, or if you suffer from some more or less serious disease. The age of a given person, their sex, weight, metabolism, and even diet or physical activity are also important. It should be borne in mind that there is no single universal CBD dosage method developed that will have the same effect on everyone - it depends on the organism how it reacts to a given product or dose. Therefore, choosing the right product, its concentration and portioning depends primarily on observing yourself and your reactions.

In the LiRoyal store, the consumer can choose not only the concentration that is appropriate for him, but also CBD and CBG "Gold" and "Dark" oils. At first glance, the main difference between them is the appearance and taste - thanks to greater purification and processing, "Gold" oil is more affordable, without ballast and heavy aftertaste. Physical distillation deprives the product of its acidic CBD compounds while maintaining its health benefits. It is an excellent choice, for example, for allergy sufferers, allergic to certain plant compounds.

Dark oil, on the other hand, is an extract that comes straight from the machine, after the first form of processing - without physical distillation. Some describe its taste as "controversial" or "pungent". It is the most raw oil, containing terpenes, flavonoids and acidic CBD, which makes it more pro-health, closer to the synergy effect.

Of course, each of LiRoyal's products undergoes internal quality control as well as certification from external, independent laboratories. LiRoyal's products are made in the GoldGreen factory in Magnuszew, which is the only production plant to have three quality certificates: GMP, HACCP and GIF.

CO2 extraction is one of the methods used to produce an intermediate, which is a pure CBD extract, which in turn produces LiRoyal full spectrum oils. This method is the most universal and modifiable extraction method, which is why it has been successfully used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for several dozen years.

In the production of LiRoyal oils for extraction, the cleanest method of bio-extraction with food grade carbon dioxide is used. This method makes it possible to obtain active substances from cannabis without losing their properties, leaving the purest possible food product. No chemicals are used in the extraction of CO2, it does not generate pollutants and toxins.

Currently, there is no more efficient method on the market than extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide - its efficiency is up to 95%. It is the most effective method and - what is important - thanks to the high level of biodegradability of production and the absence of harmful substances - it is environmentally friendly.

Cannabinoids consists of various substances, including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC or THC - a total of over 100 different compounds, each of which has a beneficial effect on our body. Full spectrum products, as the name suggests, contain a full range of cannabinoids, including THC in a legal concentration not exceeding 0.2% in dry matter (thanks to which they do not have psychoactive properties). In addition, the composition of full spectrum products includes terpenes, flavonoids and natural waxes. By extracting what's best in cannabis, it is possible to obtain the so-called synergy effect, similar to the natural composition of the plant.

In addition to full spectrum products, the sale also includes the so-called broad spectrum products, characterized by the lack of THC in the composition, as well as CBD isolates containing only cannabidiol.

Both CBD and THC are phytocannabinoids found in cannabis. However, the broader concept of cannabis should be distinguished from the narrower concept of marijuana, i.e. a variety of cannabis containing greater amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is an illegal substance not only in Poland, but also in many other places around the world. The main difference is that CBD - unlike THC - has no psychoactive properties, which results from the different reactions of these substances with the receptors of the human endocannabinoid system.
Not everyone knows that humans produce their own endocannabinoids that regulate many processes in our body. Research on CBD has been going on for many years and will probably continue for a long time, but scientists have already discovered that cannabidiol positively affects our body, causing it to react similarly to our natural endocannabinoid system by stimulating its receptors in a different way than, for example, THC phytocannabinoid. Perhaps that is why the observations and studies conducted so far have not shown any serious side effects of CBD supplementation, which is practically impossible to overdose.
Yes - currently the Polish market is developing very dynamically, both in terms of CBD-related production and the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa L. - which, contrary to popular opinion, is legal (but this issue should not be confused with the cultivation of Cannabis Indica!). Polish industrial cannabis is distributed not only domestically, but also appreciated on the European market, as are the products made from them.

Yes, cannabidiol is completely legal. In Poland, products containing CBD are allowed for use provided that the concentration of THC does not exceed 0.2% in dry matter. It should be noted that CBD is often confused with prescription-only medical marijuana (containing higher amounts of THC), but is not considered to be psychoactive and is extracted from a different type of cannabis. Products even with a high concentration of CBD can be legally purchased in stationary stores and online, but you should pay attention to whether they have the appropriate quality certificates and whether they come from a reliable source - as in the case of LiRoyal products.

Importantly, for legal reasons, cannabis oils and foods are sold as dietary supplements. The European Union has still not taken an unequivocal position on the issue of smoking dried cannabis - therefore it is sold as an aromatherapy or vaporization product. The mere possession or smoking of dried cannabis is not prohibited in Poland, as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.2% in dry matter. In this case, due to the appearance and smell reminiscent of marijuana, it is worth having a manufacturer's certificate confirming the origin of the product.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in Cannabis, obtained primarily from the Cannabis Sativa L. variety (also known as fibrous or industrial). Unlike its cousin - THC - it is not a psychoactive substance, does not cause intoxication and is completely legal. Research conducted over the years has shown that CBD, when used as a dietary supplement, has health-promoting properties in many areas of medicine, ranging from prevention, through psychotherapy, to oncology and neurology. Currently, cannabidiol is used primarily in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, but the spectrum of its use is expanding day by day.