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LiRoyalWhat is CO2 extraction?

CO2 extraction is one of the methods used to produce an intermediate, which is a pure CBD extract, which in turn produces LiRoyal full spectrum oils. This method is the most universal and modifiable extraction method, which is why it has been successfully used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for several dozen years.

In the production of LiRoyal oils for extraction, the cleanest method of bio-extraction with food grade carbon dioxide is used. This method makes it possible to obtain active substances from cannabis without losing their properties, leaving the purest possible food product. No chemicals are used in the extraction of CO2, it does not generate pollutants and toxins.

Currently, there is no more efficient method on the market than extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide - its efficiency is up to 95%. It is the most effective method and - what is important - thanks to the high level of biodegradability of production and the absence of harmful substances - it is environmentally friendly.