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LiRoyalHemp-ShopTerapie Konopne. Prawo do zdrowia, Tomasz Różański, wstęp Piotr Liroy-Marzec

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This is a fantastic book, written in accessible language, about this "scary" herb and its uses!

The book introduces us to the fascinating world behind one of the plants with the most skewed public perception. Its accessible form ensures that the topic is presented in an understandable, truthful and yet surprising way. And that it was written by a person who was miraculously "healed by cannabis" but also actively participated in the work on legislation in this area, the book additionally takes on a unique coloration Prof.. dr hab. Antoni Szumny

We fight stereotypes to fight for patients' right to health. Thanks to cannabis, I got rid of bothersome ailments. Many of the symptoms that had been interfering with my daily functioning and creating have subsided. We have a lot of work to do. We need to educate, show fifty thousand possibilities for cannabis use. This is an opportunity for the world! I'm glad Thomas wrote about it so accessibly! Piotr Liroy-March

Absolutely everyone has the right to health and knowledge. Knowledge of the properties, uses and medical possibilities of hemp should be widely available. This plant has great potential in it. It's time for this potential to see the light of day and come out of the shadows of misunderstanding! Irena Galinska

Book recommended as the main textbook for Cannabis Therapists.


Introduction - The Right to Health - or all things hemp!!!  (Interview with Piotr Liroy-Marzec)
Need to clarify many insinuations, quasi-truths and half-truths about cannabis
Is CBD oil a medicine?
My story with hemp and CBD in the background
Body reboot - biohacking

Chapter 1 - Seed hemp, the closest family of cannabis, but of quite a different nature
The story of a forgotten plant that has been with civilization forever. History of hemp legislation around the world
Why did BIGFARMA and the press magnate eliminate hemp?
Discovering the unknown and even hypocritical: cannabis vs cannabis seeds
Effect of hemp on the body's self-regulation mechanism

Chapter 2 - Homeostasis from A to Z

Chapter 3 - The missing link in the human food chain
The intestines, man's second brain, which needs phytocannabinoids like a human needs oxygen
Much of the disease begins in the gut

Chapter 4 - The endocannabinoid system, endogenous cannabinoids and their chronic deficiency
ECS system, the most important in our body
Anandamide and 2-AG - endogenous cannabinoids

Chapter 5 - Disease entities and the effects of hemp phytocannabinoids on the body
Phytocannabinoids in neurological diseases
How does hemp protect and regenerate the brain? Can CBD supplementation slow down the degeneration of our cells?
Neuroprotective properties of phytocannabinoids
Hemp for wounds
Hemp as a treatment for epilepsy
CBD, a new weapon against.... antibiotic resistance?
Mitochondrial diseases and the effect of CBD on energy requirements
Can CBD help with infertility?
Apoptosis of cancer cells
Psychiatric disorders and conditions after brain injury vs. CBD's effect on alleviating their effects
Mental disorders in children. Can hemp replace traditional medicines?

Chapter 6 - Correlations of cannabinoids with drugs and herbs

Chapter 7 - Hemp not only for health
50,000 uses for hemp
Hemp. From zero to hero
I dare say that hemp will save the world!
Food that heals


HUBBurger (interview with Maciej Sagal)
Total Biology®/Recall Healing® (interview with Irena Galinska)


Above all, a practitioner! In 2013, he was diagnosed with lupus, thrombophilia and several other diseases described as incurable. He successfully fought his battle against disease with a proprietary therapeutic method based on cannabis. Hemp expert and therapist, hemp industry business consultant, author, lecturer and trainer. Managing partner of HubBurger Group, creator of "Hemp will save the world" community. At the IWW's School of Total Biology, he conducts an original training program, Hemp Therapies.

Publisher: Wena Publishing House

ISBN: 978-83-651-68-16-0

release date: June 3, 2023

number of pages: 268

binding: soft

dimensions: 140x190

Issue I

Price: 69 PLN

Media patronage: International Institute of Valeology, HUBBurger, naturotherapy in practice, Free Hemp