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Our clothes are made in 100% hemp tailored and sewn from scratch in Poland With attention to detail.

Hemp is one of the longest and most culturally used plants by humans, used not only as food and raw material for textiles, but also - in the Middle Ages - for paper production.

Natural hemp fiber is durable, strong and long-lasting.

Fabric made of plant fibers that are hollow inside, has insulating properties and absorbs moisture very well (30%), wicks it away from the body and dries very quickly, has an antibacterial effect and is resistant to mold. This makes it optimally suited for warm weather garments as well as cooler, wet weather garments.

Since no pesticides are used to grow hemp, (unlike cotton) it is an anti-allergenic product.

Our fabrics are OECOTEX certified.


  • Hemp shorts adapt to our body's natural temperature. When you're too hot, these shorts will make you feel pleasantly cool, while when you're too cold, they will naturally warm your body.
  • 100% hemp fabric It is very pleasant to the touch and gets softer with every wash.
  • The production of hemp clothing leaves less! carbon footprint  than cotton production (Hemp consumes  less water than organic cotton!).

Our clothes made of hemp are sewn from scratch in Poland by nice dressmakers. Due to technological capabilities lead time orders from the hemp textiles division are 7 - 10 business days.