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Relieve stress, regain your mental balance and start living life to the fullest thanks to the natural CBD hemp incense of the Lemon Haze variety from LiRoyal!

CBD dried fruit has been proven to be a great supplement complementing therapeutic treatment and supporting modern Western medicine. LiRoyal Rolls is a completely natural product that is safe and does not show any side effects. Drought comes from the best hemp plantations, thanks to which it has a fantastic, refreshing taste and citrus aroma that lingers in the mouth for a long time.

Thanks to the Lemon Haze incense stick:

  • you will fight the symptoms of stress and depression

  • you will regain your mental balance

  • you will improve your mood

  • you will give yourself energy

  • you calm down and calm down

  • you will improve the quality of your sleep

  • you will relax

  • your concentration will improve

  • Your body and mind will regenerate

Certified premium product, tested in Polish laboratories.


100% crushed hemp flowers Cannabis Sativa L., hemp pollen in natural tissue paper.