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The slightly less popular CBN hemp oil is just as good for the body as CBD oil. If you suffer from recurrent pain, want to improve your physical and mental performance, or counteract depression - you must try cannabinol.

LiRoyal CBN Oil contains cannabinol, a non-psychoactive component of hemp, which has a fantastic effect on the human body. Thanks to the content of other cannabinoids (CBD, CBC or CBD), as well as flavonoids, omega acids and phenols, LiRoyal Oil will provide you with even more beneficial ingredients without causing side effects.

CBN is ideal for people who want to improve their performance, work on their body and mind, and need rest and relaxation. It is a great complement to psychological and medical therapies, prevents depression and relieves pain.

Use LiRoyal CBN to:

  • relaxation and loosening

  • regeneration of the body - muscles and bones

  • pain relief

  • counteracting depression

  • appetite stimulation

  • protection of the nervous system

  • improve physical and mental performance

LiRoyal brand products are Polish premium class products. They have been tested by several independent laboratories and have all the required certificates.

The bottle has a dropper that allows for precise dosing of the oil.


Cold pressed hemp oil

Cannabis Sativa L.

Pre order2021-07-25


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